Schaeffer's Crop Enhancements

DynaHume™ SW

DynaHume™ SW is a one of a kind 10% (A+L method) humic acid product. DynaHume™ SW forms aggregates in soil to increase water infiltration, reduces drought stress especially in poor soils by increasing the water holding capacity of the soil, reduces nitrogen salt injury, and stabilizes nitrogen. DynaHume™ SW is excellent for all soils – especially poor soils and silt and clay like soils. The seaweed extract contained in DynaHume™ SW has been proven to accelerate the health and growth of plants

  • Increases solubility of several essential nutrients, making them be more available in the soil.
  • Reduces soil compaction.
  • Aids in decomposition of plant residues.
  • Aids fertilizer performance.
  • Encourages healthy soil microbial activity.
  • Increases soil water-holding capacity.
  • Increases water infiltration rate.
  • Increases cation-exchange capacity.


DynaHume™ SW is available in the following:

  • 2.5 Gallon Bottles
  • 55 Gallon Drums
  • Totes



Each state has its own label regulations; product availability may vary by state. Contact your Schaeffer rep to learn more.